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ProjectExplorer for AutoCAD® Civil 3D®

ProjectExplorer 2.0 is a third party add-in for AutoCAD Civil 3D, developed independently at 3AM Solutions.

Once installed, ProjectExplorer can be launched from the Civil 3D "Add-Ins" tab. It is intended to be left running almost constantly whilst you interact with Civil 3D. In fact, we hope that you'll find it so valuable to your workflow - you won't want to drive Civil 3D without it.

Why do I need it?
Think about the myriad of Object Properties panels you currently need to wrestle with when editing your Civil 3D model.

Picture the many layers of valuable project data hidden deep within Civil 3D Prospector, which are either largely or partly obscured from view.

Consider the effort required to review and manage an entire collection of assemblies, subassemblies, section views, and profile views - which are usually spread far and wide across the surface of your drawing.


Imagine replacing much of this with a single floating, interactive and fully user-configurable panel.

Contemplate a panel from which you can very apply many different types of edit to your design, whilst dynamically monitoring relationships between multiple design elements, and effortlessly checking whether your design goals have been impacted.

In fact, envisage a panel which tells you almost everything you need to know about your Civil 3D model - at the glance of an eye.

In-depth reports at the touch of a button.

Use Object Sets in ProjectExplorer 2.0 to effortlessly pre-define the content, layout, and output path of multiple reports.

Once a series of Object Sets has been defined, associated reports can be updated instantly when a design change occurs - with a single button click.

Template driven UI.
Template driven reports.

A dedicated template system allows you to easily configure the layout, localization, and visibility of almost every aspect of the ProjectExplorer user interface.

But it gets better. Templates have a dual purpose in ProjectExplorer. They are also used to configure the layout, file type, and localization of all outgoing geometric reports.

Powerful editing and design validation tools.

Improve your productivity in Civil 3D by applying design changes quickly and efficiently - direct from the interactive ProjectExplorer window.

With ProjectExplorer 2.0, it becomes largely unnecessary to wrestle with some of the many Object Properties panels in Civil 3D.

Design checks.
Made easy.

With violation reporting, ProjectExplorer 2.0 instantly reveals areas of your model which may not meet your specified design goals.

Hover over any violated item to reveal one or more violation conditions, then use ProjectExplorer's powerful model editing tools to directly address each violation and review the effects of each design change - instantly.

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